Ten Cool Souvenirs from Your Trip to Finland

Finland is a beautiful country with many great souvenirs to bring back. It’s hard to know where to start so we’ve put together this list of the coolest souvenirs from our trip!

Coffee Table Book on Finnish Nature

This is an awesome coffee table book about Finland’s nature. The pictures are stunning and it would be nice way to remember your trip!

Porcelain Bowl Made in Finland

A porcelain bowl made in Finland can be a great addition for your living room or kitchen. You’ll have something that reminds you of home every day, which will help you feel at peace when you’re away from home.

Finnish Knife

Another great idea is to get a traditional Finnish knife. They are made with care and precision, which makes them pricy but also very valuable as keepsakes!


One more thing that you can bring back would be some Finncon 2018 memorabilia (from Eurocon). It might not seem like the most important souvenir in the world but it could be a great way to remember your specific trip.

Knitted Sweaters

If you’re looking for something more practical, Finnish sweaters are one of many souvenirs that can keep you warm during winter. You’ll always have something from Finland with you!

Finnish Vodka

If you’re into drinks, then Finnish vodka is definitely something that not only smells good but tastes even better!

Jam Made from Finnish Berries

Maybe you’ve always wanted to try a different jam? Buying Finnish berry jam is a great way for you to enjoy some of the best flavors in Finland.

Finnish Juices

If it’s already summer, then why not buy some Finnish blueberry juice or sea buckthorn juice from your trip! They’re delicious and healthy ways to enjoy some of Finland’s best flavors.

Finnish Artworks

If you’re more into souvenirs that serve as decoration then we recommend buying some Finnish prints or paintings. They’re great for decorating your home and will give you a taste of Finland’s beauty!

Finnish Candies

One more thing that might be interesting to buy would be stylish Finnish candles made from real wood. They look amazing, smell nice, and are well known around the world too!

Another important thing to remember about souvenirs from Finland is that they are expensive. It’s just the price of being in a country where high quality goods are made so it would be smart to save some money for your trip.

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