South Africa’s Garden Route

This is a guest post by Matt Hope from South Africa’s Garden Route is an amazing place to visit. With it’s beautiful setting, cultural background, and friendly inhabitants—it makes one of the best places to visit in the world. It’s often difficult to figure out just what to do in a place that offers…

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Culinary Delights in Ruka and Kuusamo

One of the best reasons for visiting this area is to savour the local food and check out the regional specialities.  Flying in from the UK, you can land at Kuusamo Airport and find a cheap car rental and then drive to Kuusamo town centre to inspect the local shops.  Even though public transport in…

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Winter Fun in the Snow

Whilst in the midst of a rather bad British summer, my mind has moved to winter fun – skiing in particular. Whilst there are many fantastic spots for fun in the snow, Austria’s Bad Hofgastein area is particularly popular, with a charming vibe to boot. Sat in the imposing and beautiful Gasteinertal area, this is…

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Kuusamo, Finland – Getting There the Convenient Way

Playing winter sports is a popular recreational activity in Europe. The extreme and unique exuberance it brings is incomparable. People crave for that adrenaline rush when doing activities in such a distinct atmosphere. The cold climate is ultimately the main factor on why enthusiasts are so keen to playing winter sports. Good thing there are…

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skiing in Ruka

When to go skiing in Ruka

It’s that time of the year again: time to start thinking about your winter ski holidays. When is the best time to come skiing in Ruka? Well, that all depends on what you want, and what prices you can find.  Flights will be one thing, but you can find great hotel deals with November…

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How to enjoy travelling with children

Travelling with children is something I’ve been doing on a regular basis for the last 5 years. Air travel, train travel, coach, car and even horse-drawn cart travel. As long as you’ve got decent travel and health insurance, getting the kids away from home and giving them new things to look at is wonderfully restorative for…

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polar bear cub Finland

Baby polar bear at Ranua Zoo

I love Ranua Zoo. I’m not normally much of a zoo person, I have little time for animals being kept in captivity. However, Ranua Zoo is one of the few zoos I’ve ever visited where the animals have homely looking enclosures, and really large spaces to move around in. There is plenty of natural habitat…

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northern lights Finland

Pictures of the Northern Lights

This year we have been very fortunate to witness some of the strongest and brightest displays of the northern lights in over 20 years in the north of Finland. Sadly, I seem to have managed to be out of the country for every single one of them. However, last night they came out again in…

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No heat without fire

Living in the frozen north of Lapland, heating ones house can be quite a challenge. Especially when the all heating comes from a log burning stove. But at least you’d think, wouldn’t you, that we’d make this as easy as possible. Do clever little things like store the logs near the house, to make this…

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