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New Zealand’s Winery

Are you ready for a wine-tasting adventure? Why not try the extensive wine list of New Zealand? The NZ wine is unlike any other wine in the world.  One of the biggest factors for this is the type of soil in the country. New Zealand is blessed with soil and water that make a best…

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The extras make the difference

Going on holiday is never as simple as pressing ‘book’ on the check-out page. From packing dramas, to getting the time off work, sorting out the kid’s holidays, insurance, getting from A to B, visas and saving up spending money, the whole thing can be a stress before you leave. Never fear, help is at…

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All in

In these times of money worries, the all-inclusive hotel is the perfect solution to spending money worries. Your food is included, soft drinks are included, and many alcoholic drinks are included. What else do you need to worry about?! If you have kids, an all-inclusive holiday is the perfect antidote to those endless requests for…

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Whale Watching in Scandinavia

If you’ve always wanted to go on a whale watching safari, consider planning a trip to Scandinavia. The waters just off the coast of Iceland and Norway are home to a variety of whale species, making them a prime destination for those hoping to spot these majestic sea mammals in the wild. Let’s take a…

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Living the Glamorous Night Life in Thailand

Living the Glamorous Nightlife in Thailand

If you are heading to Thailand you’ll want to know the best ways to spend your evenings in this “land of smiles”. Fortunately for travelers to this beautiful area Thailand offers an assortment of amazing options when the sun goes down whether you are there with your significant other or a group of friends you…

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Campsite, Lake Rerewhakaaitu, near Rotorua

Tips for Traveling in New Zealand

New Zealand is the perfect escape from a busy city life. Here, all kinds of untouched nature is just waiting to be explored; from hiking to bathing in waterfalls, caving and even sky diving, you can have any kind of adventurous experience you want here. Whether you decide to stay in beautiful holiday homes or…

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airport parking

Options For Getting To The Airport

Since the onset of cheap flights from the like of Ryan air and Easyjet, travelling by air has become mainstream. The days of spending huge amounts of money to fly around Europe are gone. Instead of travelling overland in trains, buses and other forms of transport, it’s now easier to just jump on a cheap…

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One Evening in the Biergarten

Traveling from Ruka & Kuusamo

Whether it’s the story-like medieval houses or the dazzling nightlife, the excitement of the big city or the notorious architecture, the outstanding marvels or the crowded shopping avenues—there is something for everyone in Germany. At an astounding amount, there are more than 10,000 cities in Germany between the North Sea and the Alps, each one…

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Welcome to Lapland

Legend tells of a hollow mountain, shrouded in snow, in the far distant north of Lapland. Inside the mountain is a secret workshop – a treasure trove of Christmas delights. Over the centuries, Lapland has become synonymous with Father Christmas or Santa Claus. Each year thousands of parents from around the globe delight their children…

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