Essential do’s and don’ts of healthy travel

Traveling is an extremely exciting pastime and for many people, their passion for exploring takes them to a vast array of the world’s countries. However, it’s important to remain safe when discovering the world, and there a few important do’s and don’ts to ensure that individuals return home just as healthy as they were when…

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An absolute beginner’s guide to winter sports equipment

With the Winter Olympics in Sochi having drawn to a close and the stunning exploits of the professionals on the ski slopes now confined to memory, maybe it’s time to take the plunge and think about trying out some winter sports. The professionals may make it look easy as they glide their way down the…

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Florence: Essential Travel Tips

Whenever you head off to a new city it’s always a good idea to get some insider tips that will make your visit even better that you planned. Knowing what to do and where to go is essential, it’s also important to know the best ways to get around the city and to save money.…

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Archaeology and culture in Gran Canaria

With its rugged terrain, picturesque remote villages and fascinating history, it’s important to remember that Gran Canaria is more than just a beach destination. A rich and varied history awaits you, with a plethora of historic attractions, as well as a diverse and multifaceted culture. There is ample opportunity to discover much about Gran Canaria…

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The Kerrang! Tour, 2014

It’s that time of year again when the Kerrang! Tour hits the road. Rock lovers are always waiting to hear for news of the event as it attracts some big names from all around the word, the 2014 lineup will not disappoint. With Limp Bizkit being the main attraction the event is sure to be…

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Are ‘Northern Lights’ Cruises a Good Idea?

Ask for holiday advice for the depths of winter, and most people would suggest heading south, towards the sun. For the winter of 2013/14, though, the smart move is to head north, because there are more ways to enjoy the sun than just basking in it on a beach somewhere. Every eleven years or so,…

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Where to ski this coming season

Now that summer has been and gone, holidaymakers are turning their attention to the 2013/2014 ski season, with Europe’s alpine slopes providing the ultimate outdoor playground once the weather has turned and the snow begins to fall. If you’re planning your first ever skiing holiday, you’re doubtless feeling a little overwhelmed by the whole thing, with…

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New Zealand’s Winery

Are you ready for a wine-tasting adventure? Why not try the extensive wine list of New Zealand? The NZ wine is unlike any other wine in the world.  One of the biggest factors for this is the type of soil in the country. New Zealand is blessed with soil and water that make a best…

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The extras make the difference

Going on holiday is never as simple as pressing ‘book’ on the check-out page. From packing dramas, to getting the time off work, sorting out the kid’s holidays, insurance, getting from A to B, visas and saving up spending money, the whole thing can be a stress before you leave. Never fear, help is at…

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All in

In these times of money worries, the all-inclusive hotel is the perfect solution to spending money worries. Your food is included, soft drinks are included, and many alcoholic drinks are included. What else do you need to worry about?! If you have kids, an all-inclusive holiday is the perfect antidote to those endless requests for…

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