Your must have list for visiting Ireland

If you’re thinking of travelling to the wonderful land of all things green this summer, then there are a few things you’ll need. Ireland is a unique country in many ways, but the temperamental weather, long and wild rural landscapes and sometimes confusing language and accents can leave it all the more confusing. Don’t get caught unprepared, make the most of your big summer trip and follow our guidelines.


Top tips for travelling to Ireland

1. Rain proof clothing

Think the summer months will provide you with sunshine? Think again. Irish weather is notoriously unpredictable and you will always need rain proof clothing, so come prepared! Invest in proper water proof clothing because travelling to Ireland usually means exploring and you’ll need good, warm and water proof clothes to do this properly.


2. A wolly hat

It’s not just the rain that comes and goes, Ireland can often by windy and cold. You’ll want to bring a hat to keep warm and a few other clothing accessories like a pair of gloves and a scarf. Yes, this may seem ridiculous for the summer but if you’re coming from a hot climate – you’ll find Irish summer weather to be cold and wet at worst.

3. Good comfortable shoes

If you really want to experience Ireland, be prepared for lots of walking. You’ll need comfortable shoes for the hills and dirt roads but all the walking is absolutely worth it, with views unmatched elsewhere in Europe.


4. Sun cream

Yes we said the weather can be unpredictable and that includes sunshine too! And the occasional sunshine received coupled with the strong wind can often result in sunburn. So be sure to bring plenty of sun cream.

5. A Cúpla Focal

The Irish language is completely unrelated to English and you may need a few words here and there to help you get by. Even though most of Ireland speaks English, you may encounter a few native speakers and even if you don’t, it’s nice to show the locals you’ve done your homework. Get your fill of helpful Irish words and phrases before jetting off.

6. Remember your Euros

Ireland can be considered for some but as all travellers will know, it’s all about making the most of your money and researching. Bring Euros and sterling to Ireland if you going to visit the North – you’ll need sterling. Although you can sometimes exchange in both currencies, it’s always best to play it safe.


The locals are notoriously friendly and the weather, although unpredictable can also be a blessing. You’ll get to experience the wetlands and get wet! It’s often impressive to see beautiful rain falling on acres of green land.

If you’re thinking of visiting Ireland, Expedia have frequent offers on both flights and hotels to Ireland. So what are you waiting for? Pack up, see the 40 shades of green and get to know what all the fuss is about.

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