Unique Features of Cabo San Lucas


Here are Cabo San Lucas’s unique features and other characteristics that make this city well known throughout the world.

El Arco

Carbo San Lucas is probably most famous for the rock formations you can see at Land’s End. The granite rock formation have created a barrier that protects the bay, they also identify the point where Sea of Cortes and the Pacific Ocean meet each other. Without question the most well known of the rock formations is El Arco, also known as ‘The Arch,’ it’s a breathtaking gateway between the Sea of Cortes and Pacific Ocean – it’s definitely the most recognizable landmark in the area. To add a bit of history – El Arco used to be a vital navigational tool for Spanish mariners.



The reason that Cabo San Lucas first started to grow as a popular resort destination is definitely tied to the world class sport fishing that is available. They have some huge tournaments throughout the year, mostly in the summer and autumn. I was there last October, the month for fishing blue marlin, and I was hooked (excuse the pun) on the competition known as the Black and Blue tournament. It was even televised on a local station, so mean and my friends were in our Cabo vacation rentals, drinking cocktails and loving the fishing! If you’re an avid fisher then you will be an absolute heaven in Cabo San Lucas, there are numerous local tour operators that will take you to the best fishing spots for a great day out.

The Beaches

Playas, as beaches are known in Mexico, are some of the most popular places in Cabo San Lucas. The weather is amazing all year round, so the city has earned a reputation as a haven for cocktail and beach lovers. You get the spring breakers that party all day long on Playa El Medano, to the adventure lovers that head over to Lover’s and Divorce beaches. If you don’t mind a short journey then you will find the beautiful sweeping golden sands on Santa Maria and Chileno, there you can take in the breath taking vistas and try some world class snorkeling.

What unique things did you come across when you were in Cabo San Lucas? I know that we would all love to hear what weird and wonderful things you uncovered. I’m looking forward to reading your stories!