One Evening in the Biergarten

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One Evening in the BiergartenWhether it’s the story-like medieval houses or the dazzling nightlife, the excitement of the big city or the notorious architecture, the outstanding marvels or the crowded shopping avenues—there is something for everyone in Germany.

At an astounding amount, there are more than 10,000 cities in Germany between the North Sea and the Alps, each one offering unique and glorious treasures. In all of these destinations, you can expect various cultural events, historical museums, and concerts! And, of course, all along these cities there are many monuments and famous buildings filled with rich history to be discovered.

Germany is a nation that has a passion for its past, but that certainly doesn’t stop the country from embracing its future. There are many activities for travelers to choose from including enchanting castles, city life buzz, and snow sports on the famous mountains.

The history of Germany is one of the main reasons that attract so many visitors. Castles like King Ludwig II’s Neuschwanstein, the most popular attraction in the country, and the medieval Heidelberg Castle are scattered all over the country. In recent times, travelers get to experience war history in a museum formerly the famous Berlin Wall crossing point, Checkpoint Charlie, that salutes to the Wall and the separation of the city during the Cold War.

If you are a sports fan or an outdoors enthusiast, you definitely won’t run out of things to do in Germany! The Bavarian Alps are a wondrous sight to see and an even better place to ski during winter or hike during summer. After a long day on the slopes, check out the spas in the Black Forest area!

Germany’s major cities will attract even the most cultured of travelers. Munich, along the Isar River, is home to the annual famous Oktoberfest, often celebrated in countries around the world. Berlin, the country’s capital, not only central to politics, is also heart to various entertainments with more than 7,000 bars and restaurants! Frankfurt, a multicultural area, offers many attractions like the Dialogue Museum, Jewish Museum, and the busy Zeil shopping street. Cologne, Dusseldorf, Hamburg, and Stuttgart are other major cities in Germany with plenty of exploration of culture as well! There are various ways to get to Germany, including flights that land in 19 international airports, including Frankfurt and Munich. The nation’s rail system also offers quick, easy, and fun transportation between the major cities and smaller towns!


Weather Information

Unfortunately, Germany’s weather can be unpredictable. The climate is normally at its best during the months of May through September. Summer, along with the winter holidays, is the most popular time to visit, so be sure to book your hotels and flights in advance to save some money!

If you aren’t afraid of the cold, the months of January through April are less expensive and have fewer crowds than summer!

Closure Information

Accommodations remain open year-round, but most stores close on Sundays.


Saving up for an experience like a trip to Germany is difficult to do. I’d suggest opening a few bank accounts for you to save money in. Open an account for your normal expenses, and then another where you can deposit a small some each week or month, until you have saved up enough money.  There are plenty of places to apply for a bank account online, or you can go to a back near you and do it in person.

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