The extras make the difference

Going on holiday is never as simple as pressing ‘book’ on the check-out page. From packing dramas, to getting the time off work, sorting out the kid’s holidays, insurance, getting from A to B, visas and saving up spending money, the whole thing can be a stress before you leave.


Never fear, help is at hand!


Flights, accommodation, transfer is simply the start of it all, and extras are available to enhance travel plans, and also designed to save you money.


One of the main extras for any holiday, and probably the most important, is holiday insurance. It might sound boring, hopefully you’ll never even need it, but in the event of something going wrong, you’ll be glad you took five minutes out to arrange it all. I wouldn’t recommend purchasing insurance from your travel agency, as this can often work out a lot more expensive, when compared to a little extra research online. Make sure you book with a reputable company, and read all the small print regarding exclusions and excess charges, but a search on Money Supermarket is generally all you’ll need to show you your options.


Peace of mind sorted out, let’s look at logistics.


Getting to the airport can be a hassle, and I’ve had several occasions of trying to time trains and buses with my flights, before getting stressed and wanting to throw the laptop out of the window. A great way around this is to put the control firmly back in your hands, and once I realised this, I’ve never looked back. I now regularly book Heathrow parking from BCP, and the task of getting from home to the terminal is a breeze compared to my previous experiences of public transport! Most large UK airports will offer you a great value and convenient service, with peace of mind that your vehicle is safe whilst you’re away. I’ve previously used Bristol Airport parking, and I found a fantastic deal, so I’d recommend checking out what’s available at your airport.


Adding comfort and convenience to travel not only makes the whole thing more fun, but means your holiday starts in a calm manner, which is exactly what a holiday is about. Airport hotels and airport lounges are also additions to your break, and the stress of currency exchange can also be taken care of at the airport, meaning you don’t have to dash around town the day before you’re due to fly, trying to find a good rate. I’d suggest only changing enough to last you a few days anyway, and exchanging the rest in resort, as you’ll find a much better rate.


These all important extras are there to help, so take full advantage of them and be assured of a happy, healthy and safe holiday.