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Options For Getting To The Airport

Since the onset of cheap flights from the like of Ryan air and Easyjet, travelling by air has become mainstream. The days of spending huge amounts of money to fly around Europe are gone.

airport parking

Instead of travelling overland in trains, buses and other forms of transport, it’s now easier to just jump on a cheap flight and get to your destination in a fraction of the time. This has really opened up the world in terms of travel opportunities for people.

However, there is one major drawback to the convenience and ease of getting from A to B on a plane, and that’s the airport. This is where travelers can potentially double their travel time.  Airports are more than likely situated outside the city, which means it could take a a few hours to get there.

The few methods below of getting to and from the airport will hopefully allow you to choose which one suits you the best.

Buses and Trains

These are without doubt the most frequently used mode of transport to and from an airport. However, you place yourself at their mercy and sometimes they can get delayed and you could end up missing your flight.

They also don’t run 24 hours, only operating at set hours, so you will have to find alternative transport if you are either flying very early or very late to your destination.

Shuttle Bus

These are a little more refined as a method of getting to and from the airport. Mini vans and smaller buses are frequently used by these shuttle companies. You can pay them a fee to be picked up from your hotel and dropped off at the airport and vice versa.

They are a little more expensive than public transport, but then they’re also a little more reliable.

If you are looking for some parking while you are away, then airport parking with Airparks can offer you some great deals.


Although the most expensive method of getting to the airport, you will also have total freedom of what time you want to leave your accommodation or hotel. The big draw back is the price, and in a lot of cases you may be overcharged. This is especially true if they don’t use meters in their taxis. There could well be an airport levy on top of your cab fair, which would increase the cost even more.

You really should only use taxis when it’s your last resort.

Drive yourself

This can be the perfect method of travelling to the airport. You can park your car there and pick it up whenever you get back. Luton airport parking deals are a great way to help save you money while you park and fly!

Keep these options in mind the next time you have to get to the airport on time.