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New Zealand’s Winery

Are you ready for a wine-tasting adventure? Why not try the extensive wine list of New Zealand? The NZ wine is unlike any other wine in the world.  One of the biggest factors for this is the type of soil in the country. New Zealand is blessed with soil and water that make a best grape for wine—which are grown in maritime climate. The wines were made sweeter by the climate caused by living near the sea. The cool nights and sea breeze helps the grapes develop a unique taste for the wines.

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If you wanted to check out New Zealand’s vineyards which are located in alluvial valleys, make a reservation now in your favourite hotel or rent a holiday home in Auckland ( and embark on your journey to complete your dream vacation in New Zealand. However, if your priority is to have a tour of New Zealand’s winery, then take note of the following places:


Your first stop should be Gisborne. Take a guided tour to the city’s largest vineyards where they are offering vineyard planting point. Being a place to have the most sunshine in a year, the vineyard gets ample of sunshine each morning. The grapes planted here are for Chardonnay, a trademark of the place. This is the reason perhaps why Gisborne is named as the Chardonnay capital of the world. Wine makers will all agree.

Hawkes Bay

You can also go check the Hawkes Bay. This is the second largest vinery in the region. The region has a variety of soil types that are perfect for growing grapes. Chardonnay is also the most planted grapes here but the best ones produced in the area are red grapes such as Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Syrah.

Central Otago

Do not miss the southern part of the country. Central Otago in the southern part has been growing wines for years. It has a more extreme season and with soils heavy with mica minerals in loams perfect for Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc and Riesling. It is a beautiful region—with fresh air and breathtaking views.

New Zealand is very proud of their wines. They take absolute pride in their growing collection of wines. Most of the wine stores in the area offer customized gift options for the wine gift giving with absolute joy.

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