Living the Glamorous Night Life in Thailand

Living the Glamorous Nightlife in Thailand

If you are heading to Thailand you’ll want to know the best ways to spend your evenings in this “land of smiles”. Fortunately for travelers to this beautiful area Thailand offers an assortment of amazing options when the sun goes down whether you are there with your significant other or a group of friends you will find night time is one of the best parts of Life in Thailand.

Living the Glamorous Night Life in Thailand
Living the Glamorous Night Life in Thailand

Colorful Entertainment

Any time you visit Bangkok you will find a wealth of entertainment options, many of which are of an adult persuasion, though youngsters are allowed to attend the more famous shows.

One such show type is the Ladyboy Show, the colors are flamboyant and the comedy uproarious from these talented drag queens and transgendered performers. Some of the shows are Broadway style, others more like a taste of a Las Vegas Revue but all are part of a long tradition of the gay and trans community. The most attractive of the performers are also highly paid prostitutes. If you’d like to experience one of these shows Calypso in Bangkok is a favorite for couples, individuals and even families.

If you are looking for something with a little more Thai tradition then search out performances of dance that have been used to tell stories throughout the years. Khon and Likay are two classical folk dance styles you should put on your travel agenda.

If you would rather get up and dance yourself than watch others there are plenty of clubs and go-go bars to cut loose in, just be aware that many are involved in prostitution so the drinks will be expensive and if you leave with a “new friend” there will be a cost. Men and women who travel to Thailand have the opportunity to partake in a famous aspect of life in Thailand with adult entertainment that has always been well known for the men who visit. Woman now too have places like Coyote, My Bar and Concept CM2 where they can say goodbye to inhibitions.

Moonlight Markets

A more peaceful experience awaits at the moonlight night markets of Thailand. Shopping these markets is a must for any visitor to the area. Because of the oppressive heat of daytime night markets have become a staple of Life in Thailand. The most famous market is Patpong Night Market. If you are out near the go-go bars make time for the Khao Sand Road market where people from all over the world come to shop. An amazing view is free with the fantastic shopping to be had at Asiatique, an open air market on the river front. Also worth seeing are the Saphan Phut, Khlong Lod and Rot Fia night markets. There is a variety of products at low prices but even if you aren’t looking to shop these markets are the perfect place to spend time with friends. There are beer gardens and great places to have fantastic meals or just watch the parade of people go by.