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Light; the best way to travel

People who consider themselves a bit of a globetrotter will always tell you; moving light is the best way to travel. You won’t be burdened by heavy bags which can interfere with the enjoyment of your trip. When travelling anywhere – be it locally or internationally – you want the focus of the journey to be on the destination, not on the heavy luggage you’re lugging with you everywhere you go.

Another advantage of lightweight luggage is that it can actually save you money. Think about your baggage allowance. Airlines are strict these days and will penny pinch where possible. Most will charge you if your bags are over the allowance. Costs can be high; and always unnecessary.

The most experienced of intrepid travellers will tell you to try and reduce any baggage issues with simply taking carry-on luggage. This may be only possible for short trips, but will save you time on the cost of your ticket and any unnecessary time spent watching the airport luggage carousel.

Here are a few tips to become a lightweight traveller today:

Start With Your Luggage:

The general definition of a lightweight suitcase is that a 22-inch upright suitcase should weigh at or below 10 pounds when it is empty – any higher amount of weight at this size and it is not considered lightweight.

The following features are also worth looking at:

• Shells – You can choose from either a hard shell or a soft shell. Hard-shell suitcases are stronger than soft-shell cases but are also heavier.
• Frames – The frames on lightweight luggage add durability and stability to the travel accessory. These are usually made from light but durable materials like aluminium, graphite and fibreglass with many actually being collapsible for easy storage.
• Extras – You should also consider the extras before buying one piece or a set. These extras include telescoping handles, spinner wheels and compartments etc

Have a think about your travelling habits. Where do you go? How often do you travel? What are any issues you could experience with your luggage while away?


Now we’re not about to start telling you how to fold your clothes, well actually we will just a little bit, but it is a handy tip.

Travelling light is all about planning. What does your trip entail? What are you going to need? Do you really need that extra pair of shoes? Remember be ruthless and pack only what is essential for your trip.

Now comes the packing bit. Roll your clothes, don’t fold them. You’ll be surprised the small spaces you can fill. This is an old backpacker’s tip, but one that shouldn’t be ignored by any traveller.

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