Holidays for Artists

It’s always nice to take a holiday, and for artists particularly it can also be a way to find new ideas and fresh inspiration for their work. There are a number of different holidays that can suit artists, and these all bring their own unique benefits.


While the various types of holiday are usually different and distinct, it is important to note that there are not always clear lines drawn between them. There may be some locations which offer a mixture of different benefits.

Getting Ready

After you have chosen what type of holiday you want to take and picked a location, it is important to ensure you are ready to make the most of your trip. In particular, you should ensure that you are well-stocked with the art materials you need.

It is often best to buy art materials from an online shop such as Prices are frequently lower online compared to buying equivalent quality in a shop, and online shops make it easy to browse through an extensive range in one place.
The Quiet Getaway

Some artists work best with peace and quiet. The lack of distractions coupled with the space to let your mind wander creatively can be ideal for the creative process. Many quieter destinations are also set amongst beautiful scenery, meaning that there is plenty of attractive subject matter and a wealth of inspirational views.

Quiet destinations can be found around the world. They range from the gentle, green-and-silver beauty of the English Lake District to mystical, snowy mountainscapes.

The Busy Break

Other artists find busy locations such as cities offer just as much benefit as a quiet retreat. Bustling cities offer a range of benefits that some artists thrive upon. They offer a wealth of big and small galleries where the modern artist can take inspiration from generations of masters as well as upcoming talents. Many artists also find they are invigorated by the lively lifestyle of a city.

Once again, a number of locations have a well-earned reputation as cities for artists. Paris – with its spectacular galleries and huge, long-lived arts scene – is very much the definitive place to go. However, most capitals and other major cities such as London or New York also offer a wealth of museums and galleries.

The Thriving Arts Scene

Many professional or talented amateur artists enjoy visiting a place with a thriving arts scene. These locations offer the chance to meet other artists, take inspiration from a range of installations and galleries, and soak up the almost undefinable atmosphere that comes with a location that has a thriving arts scene and is known for its culture.

This is where the lines between different types of holiday begin to get blurred. Many locations that offer a thriving arts scene will also be city breaks. Paris and Brighton are two of the most notable locations in this category. However, some smaller and quieter locations also have a reputation for their arts scene. Notably, Tunisia’s Sidi Bou Said is a small seaside village with an arts scene to rival many major cities.


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