Four Things To See In Kuwait

Kuwait or the State of Kuwait, as it is officially known, is a small Gulf state in the Middle East. Despite its size, it is an interesting place to visit and that you should definitely pay a visit at some point in your life.


It is easily accessible with airlines like Kuwait Airways (the national airline of Kuwait) and many other Middle Eastern airlines flying there regularly. This article will talk about some of the attractions that Kuwait has to offer.


Kuwait Towers

The Kuwait Towers are probably the most famous landmarks in Kuwait. There are three towers, with two major towers and one minor tower, and these are located in downtown Kuwait City. The towers were built in March 1979 and have become the symbol of Kuwait, with their combination of traditional Islamic design and hints of modern architecture. The towers point to Islamic architecture with their minaret-like structure and also their blue-tiled exterior.


The Liberation Tower

This elegant, tapering tower is the symbol of the liberation of Kuwait and is also the second tallest tower in Kuwait (also the fifth tallest telecommunications tower in the world!). The tower rises 372 metres above the Kuwait skyline.  To give you some perspective on the sheer size of this tower, it is actually roughly 40 metres taller than the Eiffel Tower! The tower was built in 1996, following the liberation of Kuwait from Iraq, during the Gulf war.


The Seif Palace

This is the traditional home of the royal family of Kuwait and is very popular amongst thousands of locals and tourists every day. Although it is intended as the home of the royal family, they actually choose to stay in the Bayan Palace instead.  The Seif palace serves as the setting for events and important celebrations if the Bayan Palace is not available.


Al Kout Beach

Kuwait is located on the Persian Gulf and is home to some of the most breath-taking coastlines of the Middle East. Al Kout Beach is no exception and is one of the best beaches of Kuwait, boasting of aqua blue waters and white sand. Al Kout is located in the south of Kuwait and is just one of the many great beaches in this beautiful Gulf state.