A Foodie’s Quick Guide to London

London is an incredibly diverse city with a number of people coming from places like India, Pakistan, the Caribbean and Africa; this has developed a totally unique food culture within London. Also with Europe so close by there are a number of migrants that have decided to share their cuisine in London. If you want to know where to eat good food in London then read on.


London and its surrounding areas are sprawling with numerous weekend markets that offer many things ranging from vintage clothes to fruit. These markets are also home to some amazing food stalls from a variety of different countries. If you want an amazing variety of foods in a large food hall then try Old Spitalfields market, or if you are into more of a traditional market experience then visit the famous Portobello market.

Markets are also extremely good for buying meat, fish and fresh produce. The food here is of a much higher standard than many supermarket chains. So why not make a trip to the market on the weekend to do your weekly grocery shop as well as having a lunch that you won’t forget.


Making your own food in London is not quite as simple as it sounds, as mentioned before the markets can be a good place to go to eat out and pick up some groceries, however shopping in a supermarket is inevitable in London. There are so many supermarkets and these are incredibly convenient, this however does not mean that they will provide the best food available for the foodie, therefore it is essential to pick fruit and vegetables that are in season as these will taste best.

Finding a good local supermarket is important and there are numerous European styled supermarkets where you can buy European produce, which is often of a higher standard than a regular supermarket.

Traditional English

Walk along any London street and you will find a pub that serves food, so finding a good local pub is essential for having a nice place to go out locally to get a meal. Pubs generally serve hearty and warming food such as pies and mushy peas, however there are a large number of gastronomy pubs that are opening around London and these aim to serve high-end food and alcohol. So never underestimate your local pub!

Pubs also serve traditional English breakfasts and Sunday roasts, which are a favourite for foodies and regular pub goers alike.