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What Features Should You Expect When Renting a Private Villa?



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One of my favourite types of accommodation to stay in is a private villa, especially when I am traveling with my family or in a group of friends. There is just so much to enjoy about a villa and in my view, it doesn’t even begin to compare with hotels. I have quite a few friends who still prefer the experience of a hotel and so last year I took them to the beautiful Koh Samui resort in Thailand, where we rented one of the most beautiful villas, and quickly changed the minds of my friends.

When booking a villa in Samui, it is important that you know what kind of features that you should be looking for.

Villa Staff

Staying in a villa does not mean that you are all on your own, there are plenty of staff to help you with your every need. From cleaning to pool and garden care, there are always staff on hand to help ensure that your stay is absolutely perfect. Some villas will even offer staff that will prepare meals for the guests or that can offer tour guide help for the local area.


Amenities are a very important aspect of renting a villa, as the visitors will be left to their own devices. There are many amenities which you can choose from depending on your individual needs from jacuzzis to in-villa bars, home cinema to private pools. Have a think about what kind of activities you will be doing in the villa, before checking out what amenities are available.


Much like when booking any type of accommodation, location is going to be a very important consideration when booking a villa. Villas are not usually set in central locations as the idea is more of isolation rather than being in the heart of the action. With this being said, a good location for a villa should be close enough to everything that you want to do, and far away enough so that you can enjoy some quiet time.


One of the biggest reasons why people opt for a villa rental over a hotel, is because of the additional privacy which you are afforded in a villa. Make sure that when you are looking for a villa, that there is a guarantee of some privacy in and around the villa itself. There are some instances where villas are very close to one another, removing the privacy which you may be looking for.

Vacation Theme

Finally you ought to think about the theme of your trip as this will alter what kind of villa you decide to rent. If you are going away with a large group for example, you may want to find a villa which offers lots of things to do in-house, not to mention plenty of space. On the other hand, if you are going away with kids, you may prioritise security and privacy, as well as other child-friendly facilities. Whatever type of vacation you are planning on, there is a villa just for you, the key is understanding what you want.