Why Everyone Should Take A Road Trip

There are few things as appealing as the open road. The image of a person

flying down a two-lane highway, top down and wind blowing, is as iconic an

American image as apple pie or hotdogs. However, it seems people are becoming

less and less inclined to take road trips, with the convenience of air travel

reaching new heights. While one can’t argue that air travel has its benefits,

so too do road trips.


Road trips let you be spontaneous in ways that you can’t be during air travel. As

much as you might want to stop the plane when the pilot announces that you

are currently passing over the Grand Canyon, you can’t. Planes take you from

A to B with little in between but salted peanuts and a drink if you’re lucky. When

you drive to your destinations the whole world opens up. There are a myriad of

options for you on the way to your destination. You can stop at the Grand

Canyon, or any other attraction along the way. Road trips give you a chance

to explore more than just the destination, but the road to get there as well.

The Car

Ask anyone who has been on a road trip and they can attest to the fact that

after a while the car becomes a personality in it of itself. Part of the attraction

of road trips is that romantic attachment to the car. Whether you found a

clunker on Craigslist, rented a car, or are testing the limits of a new car, you

will find that by the end of your trip you will be familiar with the ins and outs of

your car. All the time spent on long stretches, stuck in traffic jams, or camped

out in the backseat, will make you appreciate the car in ways you hadn’t

before. I becomes another friend in your journey.

The Journey

And that’s what makes a road trip a road trip! It’s not just going from point A

to point B. It is about all that is in between point A and B as it is the places

themselves. The opportunities that arise, the landscapes you see, and the

time spent on the drive amounts to a real feeling of adventure that you just

don’t get with air travel. When you road trip you give yourself the opportunity

to see the world in new ways, and discover things you would have never

known about. You can go all the way from the Southern tip of South America

to the Northern wilds of Canada without ever having to leave your car behind.

Your journey is only limited by the limits of your imagination and the gas left

in the tank.

Get Going

There is a whole world out there to explore. Don’t just limit yourself to where

airplanes can take you. Experience a journey that is both unique and invigorating