Equipping Your Home for Less

When you are finally tired of traveling, sometimes settling down sounds like the most appealing thing one can imagine. Sure, chasing sunsets and new lovers sound romantic, but sometimes traveling can be downright grueling. Somewhere in between missed trains and planes, sleepless nights on bumpy buses, and getting caught in a rainstorm while enduring a stomach bug, it dawns on every traveler that enough might just be enough- it is time to settle down, at least briefly.


When you decide that it is time to finally settle down, even if only for a spell, you will need to equip your home. Now, you may find that all of that traveling took a toll on your bank account. If you are not one of the lucky few to have been able to pull down big bucks working remotely while you traveled the world, you are going to need to do some home furnishing on a shoestring as well. Fortunately, as a shoestring traveler, you are well versed in making do with less. You probably have often found yourself repeating, “Less Is More,” while clutching the last of your precious belongings.


The maxim exists for a reason, however, and your new home does not necessarily need to be chock full with all of the trappings of a traditional suburban lifestyle. Still, some items are necessary. You might want a solid set of knives to prepare food with, at least one skillet, and a few sponges at least. It is also nice to have something to sleep on, whether you simply want a sheet or a full bed frame, mattress, and duvet to go with it.


No matter how far you decide to go with your home decorating, you should invest in quality. Since you are likely on a budget though, be wise about how you spend your money and invest in quality items that are affordable at the same time. Look for sales, clearances, discounts, and coupons that can help you acquire the items you need and want, while considering the budget you are working with.