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Dishes To Try In Spain


As the home of world renowned chefs such as Paco Torreblanca and Ferran Adrià and a vast range of top quality tavernas and restaurants, Spain can accurately be described as the culinary capital of Europe. Visitors can even indulge in delicious native dishes, as highlighted in this article.


Cochinillo Asado

Anybody who believes that the taste of British pork is unbeatable should give the Spanish suckling pig a try. It is notable for having a crispy rind and delicious meaty flavour. The writers of the Directline Holidays Spain page have revealed that this speciality has been mastered by chefs in the restaurants of Segovia.


Pulpo a la Gallega

Photo by Flickr User Javi Vte Rejas

This Octopus dish is regarded as the speciality of Galicia, a region in North West Spain. Those of you who haven’t developed a taste for seafood may like to try it in a grilled form. Individuals with a rich and diverse palette are encouraged to push the boat out and give the gallego version a try. It’s flavour may be enhanced by the addition of spicy paprika and rock salt.


Spanish Omelette

 It is a well-known fact that the simplest dishes are sometimes the tastiest. This holds true for the Spanish omelette, which consists of egg, potato and onion. Of course you can add colourful Mediterranean vegetables and seasoning to really bring out the flavours.


Paella Valenciana

 This wonderful rice based dish includes tender rabbit, spicy chorizo sausage and succulent chicken. It was originally invented in the picturesque Valencian village of El Palmar. Since that day a number of Spanish chefs have added their own individual touches to the recipe. It is even available in a vegetarian form from some of the local restaurants.


Queso Manchego

 If you’re planning a picnic at one of the pretty Spanish tourist sites then you might like to incorporate some crispy bruschetta with Manchego goat’s cheese. It has a smooth texture and delicate flavour that goes well with tomatoes and fruity wines.