Caravan holiday around Scandinavia

For many caravan owners, touring Scandinavia is a trip that is most definitely on their list. As Scandinavia is a large region of Northern Europe, there are many countries to explore. Norway, Finland, Denmark and Sweden each provide endless possibilities to explore. This is why many caravan owners add Scandinavia to their list of places to visit but it is clear that a certain amount of time is needed to cover the trip.

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Depending on the amount of time you have you may only choose to tour some of the countries of Scandinavia. Wherever you choose to go, make sure you have taken out caravan insurance to cover yourself for the many ‘what if’s’ that could affect your caravan whilst you are on your trip.

Here is a brief snippet of each country which will be sure to make you want to go and visit to find out more for yourself!


Norway has so much to offer, the choice is varied as to which part of Norway you choose to visit. For example Southern Norway is great for sports. If you like skiing, fishing, rafting or climbing then this is the place for you. You could bring your family along or go for a fun filled activity packed trip for you and your partner, the choice is yours! Northern Norway is also great for wildlife and safaris. As you can see Norway is a real mixed bag of activities!


What better reason is there to visit Finland than to see the home of Santa Claus of course! As well as going to Lapland there are plenty of other sights on offer. Finland has quite a few interesting features; the sauna is a way of life in Finland with the Finnish starting from as young as 2 years old! Finland also boasts beautiful natural habitats and claims to have the world’s cleanest running tap water. The Finnish are also famous for their abstract design so you are sure to pick up a few unique souvenirs whilst on your trip.


If you’re looking for beautiful scenery to explore then Denmark is the place for you. With miles and miles of coastline on offer as well as forest interiors, Denmark takes great pride from its magnificent outdoor culture. The heart of Denmark- the Trekanten region is the perfect spot for a touring holiday. Travelling by car or by true Danish style on your bicycle, you will have a great time. How you choose to travel is completely up to you! A must see when in Trekanten are the monuments at Jelling, which are in fact one of Denmark’s most important historical sights.


Sweden is yet another country which is superb for the great outdoors. If you are looking for charming nature then Skåne is the place for you. The town of Helsingborg has its own palm beach – do we need to say anymore? When in Helsingborg it is highly recommended that you visit the gardens at Sofiero Castle which were awarded the prestigious honour of being named Europe’s most beautiful park in 2010. It isn’t hard to see why as there are hundreds of beautiful plants on offer as well as glorious views of the Öresund Sound, the perfect picnic spot!

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