The Benefits Of Singles Holidays

The idea of going on a holiday is always exciting, nowadays an increasing number of people are finding out the joy of traveling on a singles holiday. If you’re pondering whether or not to try a singles holiday then below you will find some of the great benefits, they highlight why this type of travel is becoming more popular each year.


When you have the freedom to select exactly what you want to do and which place you want to go it will only serve to build self-confidence. If you book with the right company, your holiday will feel as if you’re in a home away from home, that’s the case whether it’s a hotel or a resort. When you don’t have to meet a travel companion’s expectations you get a true growing experience.


If you listened to the popular opinion out there you would thing that a singles holiday is expensive, the reality however is that prices are much cheaper than you think – as demand increased the cost has decreased. Most companies won’t have any hidden charges or hit you with single supplement fees after you’ve made the booking, this makes budgeting for such a trip much easier. Some operators will even include tours and excursions as part of the package.


If you just throw your backpack on and head off alone there are so many things that you have to think about. By booking a singles holiday you can free yourself from a lot of responsibility and let the people you’re booking with take care of things. Of course you will be in control of what you want to do and the time you want to do it, but you’ll have people there to help you sort through the little things; transfers, hotels, visas, translation and also meals.

Meet People

Deciding to travel alone will allow you to meet new people, it’s always good to meet people outside of our family and friends back home. By booking a singles holiday, especially one centred around a common interest, ensures that you’ll be on holiday with a bunch of like-minded people. The best singles holiday I was on had everything needed to make sure people got along, on the first night we had an event to break the ice – it was the perfect way to get to know people before the journey really got started. Whether you have a love for history, adventure or simply lounging on the beach, there will always be a holiday out there for you where you can meet new people who share the same interests.