Awesome Ideas For a UK Break


If you are looking to take a vacation this year, why not consider doing so right where you live, or at least in the same country. Domestic tourism has been booming since around 2008, with hundreds of thousands of Brits taking holidays right here in Britain, and shunning the advances of the sunnier climbs of Europe. We can all be guilty from time to time of ignoring what is right in front of our eyes, and the same can be said for the numerous destinations which we have in the UK.

To convince you a little but further, here are just some of the holidays which you could take, within the British Isles.

Glamping in Cornwall

Glamping is a craze which has been sweeping the world for almost a decade now, a perfect camping alternative to those who like the great outdoors, minus the creepy crawlies, the cold, and the lack of clean water. The best place in the UK to go glamping in my view is in Cornwall, in the south of England. Glamping holidays in Cornwall are something truly special, with yurts and wigwams, complete with running water and electricity, plus of course, a roof over your head. Cornwall offers much to the tourists with beautiful beaches, stunning coastal walks and lots of tiny fishing villages to explore, with lots of great activities for all of the family.

Welsh Barge Trip

Another brilliant option for a UK vacation is to head off on a canal boat, and discover some of the very best of Wales’ outstanding countryside. There is an extensive canal network that runs throughout the country, with the most magnificent offerings coming by the way of Langollen and Brecon. Canal boat holidays are something very different indeed, living on a canal boat as you slowly meander through the countryside, discovering a great deal as you go. For something very different and very exciting, a canal boat trip in Wales could be a great option for your next holiday.

Road Tripping

There are a huge amount of outstanding road trip routes throughout the UK which you could select for your holiday this year. To give just some of the highlights, you could look at the Snake Pass in the Peak District, the Black Mountain Pass in the Brecon Beacons and the A82 in Scotland which will take you on the UK’s most amazing road through Glencoe. The beauty of a road trip is that you can drive through some of the UK’s most amazing scenery, and visit a number of cool towns, cities and villages along the way.

City Breaks

Your holiday doesn’t have to be a long one, and you can spend just a few days hanging out in some of the UK’s most amazing cities. We all know how cool and interesting London is, but why not look for a more chilled out city like Edinburgh or Cardiff. Other options include the arty and culturally rich Manchester and Liverpool, Exeter makes for a great holiday spot and so too does Belfast. A city break could be the perfect tonic to your holiday woes.

Where will you travel to this year?