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All in

In these times of money worries, the all-inclusive hotel is the perfect solution to

spending money worries. Your food is included, soft drinks are included, and

many alcoholic drinks are included. What else do you need to worry about?!

If you have kids, an all-inclusive holiday is the perfect antidote to those endless

requests for soft drinks, and your little darlings can have as many helpings of

pudding as you allow, all without worrying about the cost.

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Obviously, the price of your holiday will be slightly higher at booking, but there

are some serious bargains to be had on this kind of holiday. I found a real bargain

during the October half term holiday recently, which would be ideal for those

with kids. The cost of eating out during holidays can be high, not to mention the

time spent walking around trying to find somewhere that suits everyone, but

with the all-inclusive option, this is already taken care of. Of course, nothing is

stopping you from heading out for a couple of nights to a nearby restaurant if

you fancy a change, but the choice is entirely yours.


All-inclusive eradicates the worry of where to eat, so to continue in that vein why

not start the whole holiday with the same mind-set? Airport hotels are the

perfect solution to travel day stress, especially when you’re faced with the reality

of having to get up at 2am in order to get to the airport on time for check-in. I’m a big fan of the Sofitel at Gatwick Airport, it’s such an amazing start to a holiday, I can’t speak highly enough!

Staying overnight at the airport means you’re where you need to be already, and

all you need to do is chill-out and wait. Maybe you fancy a few cocktails in the

hotel bar, a nice meal in the restaurant, room service maybe, or just a film and

an early night; whatever your choice, it’s all available at a fantastic price. I’ve

stayed at a few of the Luton Airport hotels from Holiday Extras, and really enjoyed the relaxation

element, and the peace of mind in knowing I didn’t have to go too far to check

in. The price was also a definite plus!


Once you arrive at your all-inclusive hotel, you’ll probably find the facilities are

more than your average self-catering hotel or apartment, as they tend to expect

you to stay within the four walls. However, I’d recommend not staying there all

the time, and simply use it as a base for eating, sleeping, a few drinks and

maybe a day or two around the pool. The danger with an all-inclusive holiday is

that you become ensconced within the hotel and never get out and explore your

destination! Make sure you experience the best of both worlds, and you’ll gain

much more out of your time, and save money too.


When your holiday is all in from the start, it’s a sure fire winner.