how to start a travel blog

5 Tips For Starting A Travel Blog

Starting a travel blog is really not as difficult as you may think it is and starting your own website should not be something to be feared, in fact you don’t need to be a tech guru to get everything up and running. I thought I should make this little post about to help all those with the fear of starting a blog, so here are some of my tips about how to start a travel blog

Come up with a memorable name

The name is everything to your travel blogging brand and it needs to be memorable. When your name is easy to remember and simple to write down, it will be much easier for people to access your website. Your name is a huge part of your brand, so think carefully about what it should be.

Get a website

The first step is naturally to get a site that you can actually use. Not to fear, this is extremely easy and you could go with a free or hosted website. I would recommend getting a hosted website and it is actually very cheap to do so. This will also allow you to get your own domain name rather than “” or something similar.


Choosing a blogging platform is something to consider as well. The best blogs are made with WordPress and this blogging platform is so versatile because you can practically build anything on top of it with the use of themes and plugins. You could, for example, integrate an ecommerce system into your page. This is the reason I love WordPress so much, there is a solution for every kind of site that you want to have and is completely customisable.

Make a contact page

A contact page is hugely important for people looking to get in contact with you and this is where the most enriching part of blogging comes in. You can receive things like well wishes, travel stories from people or even the opportunity to make some money through sponsored posts or reviews. A contact page is extremely important and you should ensure that it is easy to contact you!

Organise your social media

It is important to complete your brand with all the social media sites that you want to utilise. It is really important to actually check if your Facebook or Twitter handle is actually available and this is not something that you want to leave until the end. You should check this when you are choosing the name for your website. When everything is available, take them as soon as you possibly can,because you want even branding for your blog.