4 Things to do when you first move to Hong Kong

So you’ve been offered a job or you decided that Hong Kong could be a good fit of a city for you. Well, congratulations, you’ll find this city bubbling with things to do, places to see and filled with people just like you. Of course moving to any new city comes with a set of challenges. Nowhere is impervious to the stresses of making new friends, finding a good location to live in and just finding your groove.


The good news is you won’t be the first person who has done this move. Many, many people have done it and we’ve gathered a few of their tips that they found helpful when coming to Hong Kong.


Go Out

Seems obvious but make sure you are doing it. Don’t just go straight home after work and watch Netflix. Take a long way home and discover a new area. Pop into a cool looking cafe or bar and chat up the counter attendant to get to know the place. There are some really amazing districts in the city and you’ll want to discover them all. This is also a great way to make new friends in the city outside of work.


Take a Class

Why not learn a bit of the Cantonese language while you’re there. You can take a class or find a tutor in Hong Kong to teach you the basics. Here you can also meet some great people, both local and foreign. Not only is it helpful for day to day life, like asking directions, finding different sizes or seeing how much things cost, but knowing the language will help you to build new relationships.  



Everybody’s got to eat but eating in Hong Kong is so much more than just a meal. There it is at the very core of every person. They love food and they love eating. The food varies from different Hong Kongese dishes to many Chinese and Asian flare. You can, of course, find many western restaurants serving all your favourite comfort foods. There are many food markets, food is authentic, sanitary and cheap here. It is a must to visit when getting a feel for the city.


Visit a Park

For how dense and congested Hong Kong is, they have done a respectable job of keeping greenspaces in the city. They may be busy but they are clean and organized. Many feature running tracks, work-out equipment, and seating areas. This is a perfect place to relax and take the city in and watch the flow of Hong Kong. Most find it gives them a sense of being back home since a park is a nice feature of any town you come from.

It was after my visit to Hong Kong that I decided to start a travel blog, it’s the best thing I have done so far and I think everyone should start one today.