3 Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Do you always struggle to find the perfect mother’s day gift? Do you always end up giving your mum the same old thing that you bought at the last minute? Well it’s time to stop sending flowers, chocolates or wine and buy her some presents that will actually make her both happy and healthy. The good news is that it doesn’t always have to end up costing you a fortune because there are so many good deals out there to be had, I like to use groupon vouchers¬†for my gifts which save me so much money.


After doing quite a lot of research we came across three fantastic gift ideas that are sir make your mum smile. The best bit about these gifts is that they will be great for both her health and mental well being. Gifts like these can make you feel good about treating your mum.

Herb Garden

Flowers are the obvious choice, but giving you mum a bunch of flowers that have been cut which will not last a long time you should be giving her a variety of herbs that she will be able to plant in her garden. So why is this beneficial for you mother’s health? Well your mum will have to plant the herds in her garden and take care of them, studies show that gardening can burn anywhere between 200-400 calories each hour and will also reduce stress. Then with the herbs being there to eat, you mum can replace salt in her meals with fresh herbs which has the benefit of lowering blood pressure.

A spa retreat

As you can tell from the first idea, the gifts are all about helping your mother to reduce stress and help with her health. There’s nothing quite like a spa day out, a relaxing day like this will work wonders for your mum. Massages have so many benefits that you should encourage her to get them regularly; reduction of stress, lowers blood pressure, improves concentration and it can also make the immune system stronger.

Fitness Classes

What better way to keep your mum active than to buy her a package for fitness classes? If you’re mum is a fairly active person then get a gift voucher for fitness classes. There are so many options out there, from boot camp to yoga. Exercise is essential as we get older because it will improve stern, mobility and help reduce stress.